WombWise Parent Testimonials & Student Reviews

“Annette has truly found her calling as a child birth educator and doula. Initially, we signed up for Annette’s Child Birth class because it promised a comprehensive education on pregnancy and childbirth; however, we could have never imagined the role that Annette would play in welcoming our first child into the world.

During our weekly class meetings, we learned valuable relaxation techniques, nutrition information, and pain management strategies. Annette’s focus was not simply on birth: she offered guidance and support for a healthy pregnancy AND a healthy birth. She challenges her students to think carefully about the many decisions parents are faced with, and encourages a rationale, evidence based approach.

We appreciated that she provided such thorough, unbiased information. We learned that, specifically in childbirth, everything is a tool and there are appropriate times and circumstances that necessitate each tool. This practical approach helped alleviate many fears and insecurities that I, as the mother, had regarding birth.

We were also blessed to work with Annette as our doula. She proved to be an invaluable member of our birth team. She provided support beyond just our son’s birthday. Most importantly, she gave us the resources and support we needed to be able to bring our breech baby into the world without intervention, a feat I’m absolutely confident we wouldn’t have been able to do without her. She gave us the gift of a beautiful birth story, and for that, we’ll be eternally grateful.”

– Allison and Nick

“My husband and I attended the weekly Child Birth class courses with Annette after it came highly recommended. I must say that I’m glad we were put in her path after completing it! She is a wealth of knowledge and shares many of her experiences with her students. I felt like she honed in on the highlights of the workbook and made sure those were clearly understood. We both feel more confident as we near the end of our pregnancy and look forward to utilizing the “tools in our bag” as we plan for a natural, healthy delivery! We highly recommend any new parents to attend her class. Thank you again, Annette!”

– Bridget Y.

“Annette was my Child Birth teacher before my 1st child. The class was very helpful and well organized. I ended up needing an emergency C-section (general anesthesia) due to fetal distress. So, I hired her as my doula for my 2nd child to try for a natural VBAC. She was a vital part of my birth experience and I couldn’t have done it without her. Her guidance and support were so helpful for me and my husband. She is very good at supporting you in making your own decisions and doesn’t push her own opinions. My L&D nurse at Kennestone said she was the best doula she had ever worked with. Highly recommend her!!!”

– Ashley P.

“It has been a year since I took Annette DONA workshop and it has defiantly been the best decision I could have made. Over the past year I have made leaps and bounds in becoming an independent doula thanks to her instruction. She was a realist and also provided the emotional support to inspire us to keep going forward. I am only one of 2.5 doulas in my area and I have been recommending her like crazy to others who are interested in our calling. Thank you so much Annette so sharing your passion!”

– Callie S.

“I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through my lengthy labor if it hadn’t been for Annette. My husband and I attended her Child Birth class where we learned so much to prepare us for our natural home birth. My husband was so thankful to learn how to help me through labor. The class was fun and interesting, and we looked forward to it every week. We also asked Annette to be our doula. That was honestly one of the best decisions I have made in my life! By the time I reached active labor (I spent 2 days in prodromal labor with no progress) my husband and I were exhausted and feeling defeated. I was so worn out that I was beginning to consider going to the hospital for an induction. Annette arrived and turned everything around. She encouraged me. She did counter pressure during my contractions. She nurtured me like my own mother would have. I felt so safe and confident with her there. With her help, my husband and I got to have the beautiful, intimate, all-natural home birth we dreamed of. I hope to work with Annette for all of my pregnancies. She was truly a God-send.”

– Amber W.

“My husband and I could not be more thankful for Annette’s Child Birth class. She fully prepared us for what to expect on delivery day – and her extensive experience far exceeds the content in the Bradley book. Thanks to her thorough teaching and insight, we were able to have a natural birth at Kennestone Hospital and we will always remember our son’s birthday with fond memories! Annette ROCKS!”

– Jaclyn E.

“In September, I attended DONA Doula Training with WombWise instructor Annette Culp. Recently, I attended a birth for the first time (tandem with another doula), and I felt very confident in all the knowledge that I gained from Annette’s class–I’ve never had a baby of my own so that is really saying something that I felt at all prepared! I paired her class with the suggested CBE For Doulas with Nichole Feinauer and the two classes together were perfect. I highly recommend Annette’s class.”

– Margaret M.

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