Doula Service

The Benefits of Having a Doula

Throughout history, women have always depended on those around them to help and support them through the birthing process. It used to be family, friends or neighbors gathering around an expectant mother to assist her through the delivery and post-delivery experience or having a child.

A Doula is the Best Support for Natural Child Birth Preparation

You may live away from your family, or not have a large support system around you. Today, we have professionally trained people filling a similar role to expectant parents, they are called doulas, and they provide a wonderful way for parents to receive the best guidance throughout their pregnancy, birth, and early infant stages.

Research has shown that having a doula present during labor and birth has benefits for the mother including:

Shorter Labor
Fewer Requests for Medication
Less Medical Intervention
Fewer Cesarean Sections
Increased Bonding of Family

Positive Feelings of Labor/Birth
Increased Breastfeeding Success
Less Postpartum Depression

For the Dad/Partner:
Involved Active Role
Stress Reduction
Role Model for Support
Comfort Measure Reminders
Tag Team during Long Labors
Someone Else to Take Pictures

Valuable Doula Experience

WombWise’s expert Doula, Annette Culp, has been attending births since 1997, and as of 2016 she has attended more than 450 births. She has been told that she brings a very calming personality and peace to her clients birthing experience. Read what parents are saying about her doula support and services.

Doula Services Include:

Free In-Person Consultation
Home Visit Prior to Labor (to discuss birth goals and there are two home visits for VBAC clients)
A FULL Breast Feeding Class
Physical, Emotional and Informational Support (during labor for a home birth, or for a hospital birth continuing for approximately two hours after the birth.)
One Postpartum Visit – (your doula visits your home after the birth, specifics are covered in the doula agreement/contract).

Doula Services Pricing
The doula services fee is $1200. (A $200.00 discount is offered to those taking WombWise’s Childbirth Class and choose to give birth at a preferred hospital/practice.)