How Does Your OB or Midwife Support Natural Birth?

1. Induction of labor prior to 42 weeks without a clear medical reason raises the unnecessary c-section rate especially in 1st time moms.

2. Intermittent monitoring, instead of continuous monitoring for healthy moms/babies provides safety while promoting freedom to move and use water therapy for natural labor/birth success.

3. Drinking fluids, instead of IV fluids, for healthy moms/babies prevents dehydration and over-hydration which can lead to swelling and unnecessary interventions.

4. Giving birth in the position that is most comfortable, safe, and effective for the mom, instead of the classic reclined position, improves outcomes of birth for moms and babies.

5. Episiotomy, except in cases where the baby is in distress, has been shown to be more harmful than good.

6. Epidural use requires continuous monitoring, IV fluids, continuous blood pressure monitoring, increase need for picotin, episiotomy, forceps, vacuum extraction, and other interventions because it removes the bodies natural ability to move, release hormones and provide optimal fetal positioning.

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