About WombWise Maternity Services LLC

Annette Culp

My name is Annette Culp. I am a Licensed Certified Professional Midwife, DONA Certified Birth Doula and Trainer, Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Childbirth Educator, Mother of 4 and grandmother.

My interest in maternity care began with my grandmother, Estella. She assisted at many births in the 1930’s and 40’s. The stories she shared with me was fascinating and inspired my dream of becoming a midwife.

My first career in 1992 was working in a family practice office as a Certified Medical Assistant. In 1997, I received my certification as a childbirth educator and began attending births with some of my students. From that point on, I was self-employed and continued with my education. After attending a few hundred births, I obtained my birth doula certification from DONA International in 2006, Certified Lactation Counselor in 2007, and DONA birth doula instructor in 2011.

My midwifery education spans an apprenticeship of a combined 6 years in 2 states training under4 CPM’s and 3 CNM’s in the home birth and birth center setting. I have an Associates of Science in Midwifery from Southwest Wisconsin Tech. I became a NARM Certified Professional Midwife in 2019 and a Licensed Tennessee midwife the same year providing midwife home birth care to the Chattanooga and surrounding areas. I am also a NARM certifiedPreceptor and train new student midwives working toward their CPM.

I am a past president of the Georgia Birth Network, Current member of the Georgia MidwiferyAssociation, and Tennessee Midwifery Association. CPR and Neonatal resuscitation certified. Currently I offer comprehensive home birth midwifery care and when time allows, DONA Birth doula workshops in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and other states when possible. I also provide the occasional childbirth and lactation class.

My time of over 20 years serving families in hospital, birth center, and home as a doula and midwife has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I am honored to be with families during the powerful and intimate time of birthing their children.