About WombWise Maternity Services LLC

Annette Culp

Annette Culp has been providing Maternity Services in the Atlanta/North Metro area since 1997.  Through Childbirth Education, Lactation, Doula, Doula training and now offering Home Birth Services, she has provided compassionate care for hundreds of families.   She has attended a wide range of birthing experiences to include: natural birth, water birth, VBAC, C-section, twins, single moms, high-risk pregnancies, vaginal breech birth, home birth, abuse survivors, ethnic diversity, LGBTQ, home birth transports and much more.

Prior to starting WombWise as her own business, Annette previously worked as a CMA in a Family Practice setting.  

Annette’s Certifications include: CPM, CLC, CCE, CD/BDT(DONA), MA

Professional references available upon request.